Saturday, December 25, 2010


Sorry, this is such a late Christmas post! I finished this last night but spent half my day wrestling scanners and such, but it's finally up! :D

So, I guess there's a not-too-long but significant part of my life in the back of my mind that I'd forgotten, that a friend made me think of recently :)

When my parents first brought me to Canada and I was 8, we didn't have much besides each other. We never really thought about vacations or luxuries or half of what we have now. I remember my mom walking me to school in the mornings, and the snow was up to my knees. It was difficult to walk so I'd walk in the holes that she'd made ahead of me :P I used to wear that hat my mom made me and my parents used to call me 小红帽 (little red hat). Lol :P

So this year during the break, I've been complaining about being bored and whatnot. But honestly, I'm pretty lucky. My parents make a pretty wicked team, and we've always had what we needed. Us 3 are invincible :)

I wanna thank my parents for their unfailing love and support, one of my best friends, Eyassu ( for reminding me to appreciate everything I have, and Pascal Campion ( for some inspiration in art and in life. Check 'em out! :)

Happy holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

ohmygoodness! first post! :D

Wow, my first blog! LONG overdue!

Well, here's my first post, it's a watercolour pencil drawing / painting I did of me and my 3 gorgeous roomies in Oakville, (left to right) Perin, Caitie, me and Lisa.
Yup, I'm the yellow one :)