Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Action Analysis Assignment Progress

Character Roughs
Workbook in progress

With revisions suggested by my layout teacher. I definitely like shot A much more, as well as the lighting.
But not too sure about the funny cactus in the middle and the lack of haystack. :C

Below are just a few of my panels from my action analysis that I will be animating :)

Critiques welcome!

Monday, September 26, 2011


I finally got an INTUOS4! Can you tell? :)
So far I LOVE it!

(Thanks mom and dad!)

I was looking at Tangled sketches by Glen Keane and suddenly felt like painting.
This took about an hour.
(I didn't use his image)

I really don't digital paint often, if you've got feedback or tips I'd love to hear it!

I've been feeling so inadequate with my art lately, and at the same time so caught up with my Peer Mentoring job. I'm the Visual Display Lead so I've been on a tight deadline to design a whole package of banners, posters and display material for Sheridan's Counselling department. Now that's out of the way I hope I can do some more art. (Bagpipe Titanic music is playing on the radio right now, what the heck??)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hans Bacher Mastercopies

Copies of Aladdin concept art from Dream Worlds I did from the summer because I loved doing the first one so much.
This is the first I did from 1st year animation: :)


The little 'colour keys' are from me fooling around with hues, so I thought I'd share 'em.
How perfect are his paintings that they look great in every colour scheme?

 I also started a pretty big mastercopy of a Prince of Egypt BG with oil on canvas. Fingers crossed that it will be completed! I will post pictures soon :D Critiques appreciated!

Life Drawing + Sketchbook

Some drawings :) Advice appreciated!