Thursday, January 5, 2012

Painted Props

FIRST OFF, today (Thursday) was a super fun day, FINALLY saw the Muppets movie with my talented friends Eyassu, Luke and Val and ate tons of fries and soft serve. Thus my awesome mood :) 

Check out their blogs!
Since my last bunchof prop designs I posted a few months ago, I've wanted to draw more but there was just no time! Over the past few days I did some not-so-film-related ones, and I started painting a few today.


This page for our film 'No Mo Fro'

'No Mo Fro'

Really lovin' prop design right now! :3

Comments and critiques greatly appreciated!


  1. Your props are fantastic!! They're so much fun to look at, they all have their own personalities :p

  2. Great! Great! And great! That's all I can say. Keep it up.