Sunday, September 23, 2012

Film Progress

 PSST! Here's a peek at my thesis film :)

I hope this leica makes sense!
Maybe it will only make sense to those who have seen my earlier leicas. 
Lots of v/o is missing (thus the awkward pauses).

Early character sketches of Melly from week 2 (Secretly, her name is Smelly)

Quick monster doodles.
I think I like the 2 purple ones and the sad blue one in the bottom left the most.
What do you think?

End credits design. It will be an upwards pan.


  1. ahhvery nice amy! i get it completely=) and i like the bottom and top of the left side. can't wait to see it finished! its gonna be very cute:)

  2. Haha Chin fat :) Super cute! Looking forward to the finished product. Keep it up Amy!