Friday, August 31, 2012

Purple Hair

Soooo ... I've been pretty lousy with making art in the past month ... 
Life's been an interesting mess of shenanigans.

Time for an update!

At my internship at Chuck Gammage Animation (sadly it's over!) I got to do some inbetweening for a Frootloops commercial with Jen, it was tons of fun and I learned lots! Tracy and I worked on some animation clean up and colouring on a super top secret studio project :D Please check out the work of these  SUPER talented (and super beautiful!) ladies. It was a blast working with them.

I went on a trip to Washington DC with my fam to visit the Smithsonian Institute! I saw lots of cool art, cool space things, cool historical / cultural things, cool animals and stuff :) If you haven't already made a trip dedicated to visiting DC's wicked museums I would highly recommend it. There is so much to see and learn from. I will post my sketches once I find a scanner.

I've also moved a million times in the month of August, but as of this weekend I will have a new home :)

I'd also been doing lots of designs for Sheridan College. I'm happy to announce that the new official logos for Health Services and Counselling Services are up! Logo-making was definitely a very cool and challenging experience. In addition to the logos, I'm also working with a bunch of other animation and design students to get our posters and pamphlets going.

School starts in 3 days, so I'm just picking up film development again :) 
My friends have been generous with their ideas and input! 

This was just a random doodle from today that started out as my film character, but is now no longer.

Enjoy the last days of summer everyone!