Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Heart Bunnies

I like bunnies.

If you've hung out with a bunny before you would know that they like to chew your cords, your shoes, your bags, your books, your pencils and worst of all - they like to snack on the little pink erasers at the top of your pencils. 

I stayed over with my friends Mike and Laura on the weekend, and hung out with their lop, Misu. 

I doodled Guaiguai in my planner a few months ago while I was supposed to be working on my criminology assignment. Eyassu is making me post these too. Guaiguai is a tiny white Polish dwarf. 

I'm just being a ball of goof today.


  1. guaiguaiiiiiiiiiiii my baby <3 lol these are so cute.

  2. Very cute. They made me laugh too. I looked them a few times.