Monday, March 25, 2013


Hi everyone :) I apologize for the lack of activity on my blog for the past few weeks. It's my final month at Sheridan so things are getting pretty hectic. Here are some sketches I did in the last little while, as usual critiques are welcome and appreciated! :)

I visited Reptilia in Vaughan last week, it's a sweet little zoo with lots of cute critters and very friendly staff. If you don't live too far I highly recommend it as a sketching spot!


Yesterday I went sketching with the bestie at McDonald's.

He asked me to draw him as an astronaut :)

I went back to McDonald's today and sketched with the beautiful and talented Seema.


Seema found these sketches from my sketchbook that I did in Las Vegas last year, so here they are!

I'd spilt a glass of water on the only Moleskine I've ever owned ;_;
Oh well, back to cheap sketchbooks!

And here's what I wore yesterday, minus the hat :P As the warm weather is coming in I'm wishing I could be on a ranch with some cute cows and Hunter Hayes.

Annnnddd it's now 11:55pm ... Merry Monday Night everyone! :)

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