Monday, October 3, 2011

Heroes and Villains

Life drawing assignment, to turn life drawing into heroes and villains.
These are not due until Thursday, but I will be pretty busy in the next few days so I got them done as much as I can for nowww. Maybe will photoshop over them later yay. 

Thanks to my friends Frank and Eyassu for helping <3.  

Koi watercolours and Staedtler watercolour pencils that I didn't bother watering again.

Feedback / suggestions for change would be amazing!


  1. Hey Amy! I LOVE the first two. It reaaally reminds me of those flapper magazines from the 30's. The drawings from those magazines and the colors and even the way they treated the lighting seems similar to what you've done here (WHICH I LOVE). the Rendering is really handled well...

    The last one I feel is Ok. I think it seems a little off balance. The upper body I feel is leaning a bit too much to the right, it kind makes the lower body feel stagnant... or separate from the upper body... a bit of the lyricism that COULD be in a "C" curve pose I think is missing. To fix it.. all you would have to do is maybe move the legs more to the right to really push the c curve, or reduce the tilt of the upper body and you would lose the out of balance feeling. So.. yeah, I hope that made sense and I hope it helped. Keep up the awesome work!