Sunday, June 24, 2012

Phoebe Buffay

Just finished watching all 10 seasons of Friends! :')

Phoebe's music is the absolute BEST no? Next to her fashion sense.

Lisa Kudrow was surprisingly different in the interviews after season 10. She had short brown hair and was super quiet and 'regular' next to Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.
Comment and let me know if you're a Friends fan! <3 I'd love to know!

As usual, comments and critiques are always welcome. 
Stay tuned for more Friends fan art.


  1. haha!! love this :) I also love friends <3 and heres a super secret secret (sometimes i actually like what phoebe wears :0!!)

  2. YAY SEEMA <3 you are the coolest!

  3. Oh Amy, you know how I feel about this :D

  4. I love this one!! Phoebe the best. I love Friends too. :)