Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Melly Design & Rough Animation

A new design for Melly, and a rough animation test of her, both from today.

Any critique / advice is greatly appreciated, especially in animation. Thanks in advance :)


  1. Looking great Amy! I would say on the last big movement where she slams down on top of the strawberry, make it less extreme and calm her down a bit. Right now she looks like she wants to KILL the strawberry, rather than find out what the seeds are all about... have the second movement be more inquisitive and analyze the strawberry perhaps? Looks great tho, youve realy got a handle on the character!

  2. agree to what abe has said there=D and prehaps time out the gap inbetween the 3 key poses a bit differently. quite even right now. and no killing of strawberries is allowed.haha.xD

  3. The new design keeps improving. It now looks a perfect cartoon charater. Good job!

  4. Valuable concepts, and a good ! I love the second part of the animation Hope to hear more from addition, I've done a full pass off rough animation. I'm happy with the animation and now I move to clean up. I'm really looking forward to doing the more animation too. That'll bring it to life and help with the jokes.
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