Monday, October 8, 2012


Just a sketchbook post :)

I was kinda thinking about this cranky New York family

Melly sketches from last week's life drawing class
Hairspray fan art, a zombie general inspired by Natan, and my sketches of Seema's film character!
My friend Seema was kind enough to let me me post these doodles I did of her character. 
Her designs are truely inspirational, please check them out! 

Zoo sketches
I went to the zoo with my best friend on Saturday, I had a sleepy drawing day, but he got some amazing drawings! I hope posts them soon. Please check out his blog!
The cutest peacock troop walked by the window while we were eating lunch. I'd never seen baby peacocks before ... they look like weird little bald chicken quails SO CUTE!
Birdie (Mastercopy, kinda)
Growing up, I always had this big book of beautiful, incredibly intricate bird watercolours. I used to paint from it when I was in elementary school. I'm not really sure the book is now or who the artist is, but my mom found some photocopies of the pages yesterday. I painted one just for fun. The original looks 1000 times better than mine though, if I find out who the artist is I will definitely link them here. I'm practicing painting without laying down pencil first.
A Calvin Klein model, and Eyassu
Just painting for fun lately ... instead of working on my film haha. 

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  1. Cuteeeee, I like your bird painting! You have so much life to your drawingsss.