Thursday, November 22, 2012

Film Progress

Two (somewhat finished) backgrounds from my thesis film

And below is a little drawing I did of my beautiful mother a while back.
You can definitely see her influence on my film's character design!

Mom if you're reading this, you're amazing and I miss you! 

Also 2 quickies for my life drawing portfolio due Monday D:

Feedback is appreciated :)



  1. love the backgrounds they are amazing!!!! love the drawing of your mom too :)

  2. absolutely beautiful! Your colour choices work really nicely too (and i love the design)..i can't wait to see your film!

  3. The BGs look great!

    It's only November and you are already finishing bgs and doing tight colour scripts. You young'uns are scary good.

  4. The little girl doing her home work in the top drawing is wonderful. Her expression is very vivid especially her eyes.

  5. Hey Amy, Ive just discovered your blog! What a gem to find! Great work and great life drawing too! Ill be coming back that's for sure.