Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jane Goodall

When I was in grade 6 the two greatest people on earth were Tarzan and Jane Goodall (besides Walt Disney of course!), needless to say I was a little bit obsessed with apes. Here's a quick painting of Dr. Goodall as a I'm taking a teeny weeny break from my film :)

 My last life drawing portfolio (ever!) from Sheridan was due this week!
I don't have too much to post because I always forget to scan my drawings.
But here's one! Only the two ladies on the left were based on life drawing.
Critiques are appreciated!


  1. Both are good. I think Jane Goodall is better than your previous portraits.

  2. Love the composition in the (storyboard?) bottom drawing and very clear storytelling. Seeing it in a scene would be cool! Don't know how I could critique, both look great.