Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm not at all the greatest life drawer, and even worse at drawing animals ... so when I do get drawings that are half decent I get all giddy :P

I'm starting to feel more comfortable with drawing animals lately ... these are some of my sketches from 2 recent trips to the zoo. There was a page of gestures that I was pretty proud of but no longer have :'(

The best thing about cold zoo days is that the rhino is inside ... warm and upclose!

Red river hog ... I call it the kiwi pig

These are soooo much fun to do! Tiny watercolour kit + watercolour pencils + a tiny water brush + a teeny tiny watercolour sketchbook.

He's one of my favourites to draw.

See how cute / kiwi-like?

He decided to roll over 3 minutes after I got there ... lol

Enjoy and please critique!