Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Baby Monkeys

This is my process for the little baby monkey i used in my muzzle sync animation :) I'm having a really hard time with drawing animals ... I need so much more practice! But in the end I liked how the design turned out, and I will be cleaning it up for my clean up assignment I'm REALLY excited about that :)

My initial design in my sketchbook
The amazing Pete Emslie helped me with the design and posing.
I'm so amazed at how much cuter she is now! This is the design I went with when animating.

Pete Emslie:

I tried to paint her over reading week.
But she's really off model and I really don't like how this turned out
... but it was fun to do.
Maybe I'll try again some time. :)

Critiques are welcome! Enjoy :)

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