Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some school work :)

I tried to keep this blog updated with out-of-school things, but that obviously didn't happen :P I PROMISE to do more personal artwork in the next few weeks :) Meanwhile here's my cheap attempt at a new post. Enjoy!

Facial expressions: 1) Laughing outrageously 2) Panicked 3) Flirtatious 4) Skeptical
Initially based on my friend Anita, but it eventually became a typical asian girl with her hair :P

Facial expressions: 1) Guilty 2) Exhausted 3) Very angry 4) Proud of himself
Based on a caricature of my friend Manu

 Have a macaque.

 I still havn't made up my mind regarding his sexual orientation :P

Miss Aazzi, excuse my gross clean up :(

Critiques are always welcome :)