Sunday, February 13, 2011


Two posts in one day I know LOL. But I've recently gotten out of a schlump of art-sadness. Now I'm totally going through a phase of drawing drawing drawing like I don't have enough time to capture everything that I want to create :) Anyway, here's a little something I made for my roomies and all ya lovebirds out there :)

Here are some other things i made somewhat recently:

A tiny watercolor of sunny Port Canaveral, Florida.
I did this from the window of the cruise ship when I was on holiday this Christmas :)
A little colour study of my villain and a possible henchman.
Just for fun, done last week while in film hist lecture.
 All of the above are done with watercolour pencils, although for the landscape I painted by dipping my brush into the pencil tips instead of drawing with them. Enjoy! 

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