Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Character Concepts

WARNING: This is a cheap post.

I'm so behind in schoolwork it's not even funny!
Film stuff is more fun :)

I'm sorry I haven't made any finished pieces that I could post! That's why I've been posting life drawing and sketches lately. I want to improve my drawing skills.

I did some more film sketches hoping to get a little more personality than I did yesterday.

These are some of them. I'm really struggling! But I definitely feel like I've learned something, which is all that matters :)

A day with learning is a good day.

Started off more graphic

Then sketchier ...

I hope the next post won't be so cheap.


  1. these designs are awesome! i love the fullness of her figgur. :o

  2. Dear Amy:

    Your stuff is fantastic :) Keep it up!